“What do you want from me?”



“These attacks on our cargo ships. Why are they happening.”

“Oh. Yeah, Like I’m going to tell an Alliance officer. I know my rights, I get a lawyer and a deal if you want information”

“I am your lawyer. And here’s your deal. Tell us, or we shoot your kneecaps.”

“But you can’t-”

“And then afterward we find your family. Karen, your current girlfriend, your bastard children, Mick and Laura. And more than likely, we’ll give them to an alliance family, and the kids will be military. Under an assumed name that is. Don’t know about Karen. Probably just dump her on a border planet.”

ALRIGHT! Alright… I thought you Alliance were the good guys.”

“We are. You pirates are attacking our supply ships. Now, what are you looking for?”

What do you want from me?